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Best Tattoo Parlor Orange County 2012 - St. James Tattooery

St. James Tattooery

St. James Tattooery

1190 N. Tustin St.

Orange, CA 92867


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Readers' Choice: Outer Limits

(This is a play on an intro to the Twilight Zone because this tattoo parlor's logo and décor are inspired by the legendary show. The owner has a giant Rod Serling tattoo on his arm—as well as a couple of scenes from the show. And . . . action!) There is a local tattooery beyond that which is known to man. It is a tattooery as talented as it is inexpensive and as playful as it is macabre. It is the middle ground between vibrant colors and masterful shading, decorated with science and superstition, and it lies between the tattoo of your dreams and the new tattoo you can't wait to show off. This is the tattoo parlor of imagination. It is an area we call . . . St. James Tattooery.

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