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Best Store to Buy a Car Stereo Orange County 2012 - Bristol Sound

Bristol Sound

Bristol Sound

2604 S. Bristol St.

Santa Ana, CA 92704


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Hipster or hippie, gangster or gamine, everyone wants a hoppin' sound system for their transportation, be it a lowrider, Lexus or Vespa. Bristol Sound, off—you guessed it!—Bristol Street in Santa Ana, can service all of those vehicles, transforming even the lowliest, oldest car into a movable concert. It sells all the great stereo systems; offers more speakers than there are stars in the sky; and works fast, honestly and cheaply. And the staff will assist you in shaping your stereo needs, whether you want the lush sounds of classical music to dominate or want a bass level that'll turn your bones into pebbles.

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Amazing review of Bristol Sound! I will definitely visit this store soon because I am in terrible need of a replacement sound system as one of my current car stereo's internal part is damaged and I can only listen to radio, and not songs from my MP3. It is not easy to find a store that has staff recommending you exactly what you need and not overcharge you or asking you to fix something you do not need. We might not be familiar with stereo system accessories and other auto parts and definitely need honest and non-overpriced services.