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Best Smoke Shop Orange County 2012 - Old Towne Havana

Old Towne Havana

42 Plaza Square

Orange, CA 92866


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Because Americans continue to puss out to the Nanny State, public places for smokers to enjoy a puff or two are growing rarer by the day. So head to Old Towne Havana in Orange, where cigar aficionados can still enjoy a smoke without getting the stink-eye. It stocks hundreds of varieties, from $5 cigars to $40 lung darts, as well as all the tools of the tobacco-smoking trade—"Everything for your bad habit," says owner Budz Bedwan. The 2,300-square-foot shop features a 30-person smoking lounge available for private parties and three TV screens for your viewing pleasure. Pay Budz a visit and take a big whiff of that tobacco-soaked room—you'll be a better person for it.


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