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Best Service Orange County 2012 - Napa Rose

Napa Rose

Napa Rose

1600 S. Disneyland Drive

Anaheim, CA 92802


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The décor's kind of ugly, and the waiters' vests are dated, but none of that stops Napa Rose's Michael Cox, chef, sommelier, affineur and one of the most knowledgeable waiters in Orange County. Better known by his well-deserved nickname, Saucy, Cox has the uncanny ability to sass, attend and educate multiple tables simultaneously, without making you feel any less special. Need to pair a wine? He's your man. Curious about what kind of fish you're eating? He can tell you the country of origin, how it was raised and probably even its birthday.

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You could not be more accurate about Saucy!  He has been bringing smiles to our table at Napa Rose for the last three years and we absolutely adore him!  In addition to his passion for what he does and his EXCELLENT level of service, Saucy is a positive, kind and compassionate human being.  He is the real deal, and he chose wisely in selecting Napa Rose as his place of employment.  They are lucky to have each other, as both the restaurant and this fantastic server are top notch!