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Best Residential Neighborhood Orange County 2012 - Anaheim Colony Historic District

Readers' Choice: Old Towne Orange

Whereas most historical residential neighborhoods decided to deem themselves as such along with a cutesy ahistorical name (we're looking at you, Santa Ana's Floral Park), this part of Anaheim has actual historic roots. Bounded by North, South, East and West streets, it's the original plot of land bought by German socialists back in the 1850s to create their utopian winemaking colony. How can you not like that? The Anaheim Colony Historic District has it all—old homes carefully restored by young couples and others chopped into multiple dwellings by immigrants; parks; businesses; and the multicultural mix of residents that makes Anaheim such a fabulous city. Even more telling are the historic districts within the district—Five Points, Palm, Hoskins—meaning residents are further falling in love with this slice of old- and new-school OC.

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