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Best Republican Orange County 2012 - Allan Bartlett

You don't have to agree with all of Allan Bartlett's stances to appreciate his principles. Unlike so many pathetic Orange County Republicans, Bartlett—a financial adviser, longtime member of the local party committee and a conservative blogger in Irvine—isn't a lemming who jumps to a salute at every lame dog whistle blown by the party's bosses. In other words, he uses his brain and isn't shy about saying, "Hell, no" when told to keep his mouth shut about the party's corrupt moves that reward a chosen few based on loyalty rather than competence or character. We didn't say having principles didn't come with a price; In June, feckless OC Republicans declined to vote Bartlett back to the GOP central committee.


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Allan is a good man.  He wasn't just not re-elected because of "feckless OC Republicans".  He was not re-elected like some other decent Members because Party Leadership bought up all the slate mailers to cleanse "dissenters" and only allowed certain, chosen ones to be on them.  It was a very successful tactic:  Next January when we are sworn in to our new term, 54% of our Central Committee Members will be Incumbents from other local elected offices around the county.  The Incumbency Protection Club just got stronger.   This is no small fact that should not be ignored by good Republicans countywide.  That being said, Allan is one of those rare men who doesn't need a title to be involved.  Something tells me he'll still be around to keep an eye on things...  ;-)