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Best Political Coup Orange County 2012 - Kelly's Army

In the aftermath of the local cops' horrific July 2011 killing of Kelly Thomas, an unarmed homeless man, normally tranquil Fullerton residents stood up to City Hall and the police department and, incredibly, won. Led by alarmed citizens who created Kelly's Army, residents called for a recall election and kicked out of office three council members who repeatedly proved they would back dirty cops even when a shameful national media spotlight exposed their disgusting ethical and moral warts. Any chance this army could move to Irvine and get rid of the slimy Larry Agran machine?

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That last sentence there -- wow.  Equating Agran and his allies in "America's Safest City" with the people who killed Kelly Thomas.  That certainly explains your election coverage.  (You do know that some people do READ what you write here, right?)