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Best Political Battle Orange County 2012 - Jim Righeimer vs. Public-Employee Unions

For decades, Jim Righeimer has made no secret of his desire to strip public-employee unions of their political power, reduce pay and benefits for government employees, and privatize certain public services. The Costa Mesa city councilman's goals make him Public Enemy No. 1 for union bosses, who've made considerable efforts to slam him and his allies as callous buffoons. The war got really despicable in August when a private investigator tied to a law firm that has worked for the Costa Mesa police officers' union tailed the Republican councilman from a bar, called 911 to report a drunk driver and got cops to haul Righeimer from his home for a breathalyzer test. He passed. He had ordered two Diet Cokes at the bar and had the receipt to prove it.

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That's funny -- I thought that the war got really despicable when newly laid off maintenance worker Huy Pham jumped to his death off of Costa Mesa City Hall in March 2011.  Thanks for clearing up when it became despicable (by your lights.)