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Best Place to Score Space-Saving Household Items for Your Tiny-Ass Apartment Orange County 2012 - Daiso



14280 Culver Drive

Irvine, CA 92604

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If there's one thing that can zap your zen faster than a violin class for preschoolers, it's clutter. The quandary of too much stuff is only magnified when you dwell in a tiny-ass apartment or dorm room. Luckily, the Japanese have perfected space optimization. (That and making really awesome game shows.) Daiso, a pink-walled discount superstore in Irvine's Heritage Plaza, is stocked with aisles and aisles of stackable, hangable, compartmentalized household goods that make organizing feel as if it were a massive game of Tetris. Everything is fun and functional—think plaid bento boxes, frog-shaped sponges, pastel laundry nets, microwavable rice steamers and slippers with microfiber dusters on the bottom so you can clean as you stroll through the house. The best part: Almost every item is a buck-fifty! Watch out, Ikea.

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