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Best Park for Kids Orange County 2012 - Box Canyon Park

Box Canyon Park

22400 Foxtail Drive

Yorba Linda, CA 92887

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Most kids want to be a pirate or a princess at one point in their lives, and Box Canyon Park grants that wish. Where most parks lack in creativity, this place makes up for it with a pirate ship and castle playground. Staying true to an authentic ship, the play area features sails, a helm and a spot dedicated to seeing where the vessel is headed. Next to the ship is a castle that has stone-like walls, two swirly slides and gears for spinning. While the two play areas cater to older kids, there are ramps providing easy access for everyone, especially toddlers who feel the baby swings aren't enough. Besides the two recreations spots, there are benches and a vast enough area for kids to just run around.


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