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Best Outdoor Dining Orange County 2012 - Il Garage

Il Garage

Il Garage

11200 Beach Blvd.

Stanton, CA 90680


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Readers' Choice: The Rooftop Lounge

Wear something light, something apropos for a summer's evening, because you will be eating outside in the garden, close enough that you can lick dew off a ripening tomato, pluck a sprig of mint from the ground and get buzzed by the occasional June bug. Take the name of the place literally; it's actually the garage on the property of David Slay's Park Avenue. An ancient tractor is parked to one side. Tables covered in red-checkered cloths are staggered in what was once a working shed. At night, an accordion player sits on a stool at the periphery, playing lilting serenades that could inspire Julia Roberts to eat more, pray more and love more. When the sun sets, strung-up light bulbs flicker on, bathing the garden in a dream-like glow. If you were in your own movie, this is the part where the camera does a slow, swooping tracking shot as you look lovingly into your date's eyes and lean in for a kiss.

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