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Best Neighborhood Bar, Long Beach Orange County 2012 - The Pike Bar & Restaurant

The Pike Bar & Restaurant

The Pike Bar & Restaurant

1836 E. Fourth St.

Long Beach, CA 90802


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Some may view the Pike Bar & Restaurant near the funky intersection of Fourth Street and Cherry Avenue as a hipster mecca due to that winning combination of relatively inexpensive PBRs, pricier microbrews, nightly entertainment from bands and DJs, and non-manufactured dive-iness. Indeed, the building on Retro Row seems as if it must've been constructed at the same time as the original Pike attractions. Long Beach has many fine, old watering holes, but the Pike goes above and beyond by being a lifeline for the area's many renters who appreciate having a place that lets you drink, unwind and eat pretty good grub after late work shifts, clubbing and/or long walks of shame.


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