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Best Indie Film Theater Orange County 2012 - Regal's Edwards University Town Center 6

Regal\'s Edwards University Town Center 6

Regal's Edwards University Town Center 6

4245 Campus Drive

Irvine, CA 92612


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Readers' Choice: Lido Theatre

The original idea of indie film is dead, murdered by studio executives looking for a low-budget cash cow. The zombie spirit of the art form has prevailed, however, despite repeated attempts to shoot it in the head. Even if you're a connoisseur of art flicks, keeping up with all the new releases, chances are the Edwards University Town Center 6 near UC Irvine will slip in one or two films you haven't heard of. As of this writing, the screens are filled with movies that are a film buff's wet dream: documentaries about AA founder Bill W. and how the economic crash affected a billionaire real-estate couple; Todd Solonz's latest film, this one about slackers and hepatitis; indie director Lynne Shelton's comedy starring Emily Blunt; Wes Anderson's latest; and film-festival hit Beasts of the Southern Wild, an art film focused on black characters. All behind the Orange Curtain, folks.

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