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Best Hard-Charging Lawyer Orange County 2012 - Sean Hennessey

Sean Hennessey

8231 Westminster Blvd.

Westminster, CA 92683


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When the widow and young son of Garden Grove's Andy Tran needed legal representation to go up against the entrenched, mendacious forces at the local police department who'd killed an unarmed, cooperative Tran with a lethal Taser blast in his own front yard, they turned to Sean Hennessey. Police agencies never admit they've done anything wrong and retain lawyers skilled in delay tactics and obfuscation. But thankfully, the victims in this excessive-force case found Hennessey, a former senior Orange County public defender with a well-deserved reputation as a tireless fighter in major felony trials. He's now in private practice in Little Saigon and remains feisty and resourceful. While the police department tried its best to cover up the ridiculously unnecessary killing, Hennessey methodically pieced together the facts. When he finished, city officials reluctantly decided to settle the federal lawsuit rather than let a jury hear the case and risk an astronomical settlement to pay for callous, sloppy police work that stole a young life.

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