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Best Full-Service Photo Lab Orange County 2012 - Fullerton Photographics

Fullerton Photographics

908 N. Harbor Blvd.

Fullerton, CA 92832


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Whether you're Ansel Adams wanting to display your work in a gallery, or just a hobbyist trying to put a family photo on a piece of canvas, Fullerton Photographics has an arsenal of options for every species of shutterbug. Gabrielle Mullinax took over the business from longtime owner Chris Beard in the late 1990s and brought it into the digital age. Customers can use one of five digital workstations at the "click cafe"; there, helpful employees walk newbs through the process. Seasoned pros can send files in from their home computers, choosing among an array of printing mediums from coffee cups to pieces of metal. Tailored packages are available for recent graduates and grieving families who can be assured that quality is a priority (this isn't Walmart). And for analog junkies, Fullerton Photographics still prints negatives from 35mm to medium format.


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