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Best Downtown Orange County 2012 - Santa Ana

Readers' Choice: Huntington Beach

Not for what it's becoming—yet another gentrified slab of hipsters, trendy restaurants and chichi shops, with poor Mexicans desperately trying to survive in the area they've called casa for decades—but for what it currently is: a perfect mixture of said hipsters, restaurants, shops and wabs. The X factor in all this is the pochos who came of age in the city, who do love it for what it is but also want to transform SanTana into something suiting their assimilated needs. Add fire-breathing radicals intent on keeping the area Mexican, racists intent on driving them out, and the hordes of gabachos and Latinos alike who only want to have a bueno time and are winning the ultimate war, and you have a microcosm of Orange County—fun times!


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