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Best Cemetery Orange County 2012 - Anaheim Cemetery

Anaheim Cemetery

1400 E. Sycamore St.

Anaheim, CA 92805


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When it comes  to digging into the past, there's no better place to explore than a cemetery—but you don't need (and shouldn't bring) a shovel. Surrounded by relatively new tract homes, Anaheim Cemetery has all the charm of a Gothic boneyard—crooked headstones, towering statues of angels and ornate, private mausoleums housing the area's prominent former residents. Also there is the state's first public mausoleum, built in 1916. Stark lessons of history lie in the  southeast corner, where immigrants from the city's Chinatown were buried among dawn redwoods from Szechuan province. It was these folks' wish that, when the money could be raised, their bones be disinterred and returned to the homeland. Records of the removals have been lost to time, so it is unknown if any bodies remain.

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