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Best Brewery Orange County 2012 - The Bruery

The Bruery

The Bruery

715 Dunn Way

Placentia, CA 92870


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Readers' Choice: BJ's Restaurant & Brewhouse,

According to the massive sign on the wall of the Bruery's tasting room, the Placentia brewery's dedicated space has been open for just more than a year now. Sporting a fancy electronic menu and crisp wooden surfaces, the Bruery tastes like paradise to all of the hops-loving beer connoisseurs. Whether you're at the bar sipping the fragrant Trade Winds triple, along the walls with the pitch-black Tart of Darkness sour stout or setting down a glass of the hop-tastic Loakal Red at beer barrels turned into beer tables, anybody who wants to have a great time tasting suds will be right at home here. Relatively inexpensive beer flights can coax beer-based conversation out of even the most unrefined tastes, but don't come here to get drunk. (Leave that for the Goat Hill Tavern, kids.) If you do end up off-balance, food trucks occupying the parking lot Thursdays through Sundays will get you back on kilter.


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i used to like it when you were sitting among the vats and the place smelled like rancid beer.