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Best Bike Shop Orange County 2012 - Epic Ride Shop

Epic Ride Shop

16483 Magnolia St.

Westminster, CA 92683


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Max Vu was already pulling sick tricks (which you can watch on YouTube) at the local skate park at 6, an age at which many kids are still riding bikes with cartoon characters on the seat. Problem is, such bikes aren't built with the durability or performance for a youngster of Max's talent. So Max's dad, Phu—who owns Epic Ride Shop in Westminster—had a factory custom-build a batch of lightweight aluminum frames and spec'ed it with pro-level, high-performance parts, just in itty-bitty sizing. After refining the frame design several times and scouring vendors from all over the world to bring down the cost, Phu ended up with a high-end freestyle bike made by Cult BMX with 12-inch wheels that he started selling at his store for $350. He claims your youngster will have more fun riding and can develop advanced riding skills earlier than riding a junky toy. That might sound like marketing-speak, but now-8-year-old Max can pull backflips, so there's something to it.


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