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Best Vintage Store Orange County 2011 - Captain's Helm

Captain\'s Helm

Captain's Helm

2145 Placentia Ave.

Costa Mesa, CA 92627


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Readers' Choice: Buffalo Exchange

Located in a former auto garage, the Captain's Helm exudes hipster chic, yet it skews more thrift store than vintage store. There's a nice selection of graphic tees and polo shirts, some with interesting graphics such as Reagan's face twisted in all sorts of grotesque contortions accompanied by nasty, lovable captions; these run anywhere from $8 to $12. And don't miss the selection of Captain's Helm T-shirts featuring obligatory line drawings of a crusty rowboat guy. Included in the mix are shoes, boots and jeans, as well as—bizarrely—surfboards. And like any forward-thinking secondhand store, there's also a sizable collection of used vinyl. All of which gives the savvy shopper plenty of reasons to check this spot out.

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