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Best Theater We Never Write About Orange County 2011 - Theatre Out

Theatre Out

Theatre Out

402 W. 4th St.

Santa Ana, CA 92701


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Oh, sure, if these were the good old days and a river of pure gold ran through the Weekly's newsroom, we'd have the room to run a theater review each week, and we'd write more about EVERY theater in the county and Long Beach. But that doesn't change the fact that the intrepid band of thespians that runs OC's only theater devoted to stories that comment in some way on the LGBT experience has received short shrift in our pages. It's not by choice: There are only so many plays we can squeeze into our coverage, and simply due to timing (short theatrical runs, multiple plays to choose from, the cruel reality of deadlines), since forming in 2006, the Santa Ana-based Theatre Out has received only one full review in the Weekly. And that's a shame. While many of the plays have favored, in the words of literary director Darcy Hogan, "rich, interesting life stories over skin, sex and violence," there have been some quite striking choices, such as Angels In America, The Laramie Project, and Hedwig and the Angry Inch. And how we couldn't squeeze in a review of a play called Southern Baptist Sissies is just unconscionable.

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I've seen a couple shows here, Zanna Dont and A Wild Party, and they were both some of the most amateur shit embarassing shit I have ever seen. None of the listed ones, though. Maybe I was just catching them off their game. Will consider giving them another chance but I must say, OC Weekly, my #1 pet peeve is when little theatre companies get kind reviews and praise solely because they are fledgling. Conciliatory gestures and coddling prevent these companies from getting any better because lets face it, theatre people have sensitive egos and they'll keep producing shit if no one tells them otherwise