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Best Stoner Band Orange County 2011 - Dahga Bloom

At first glance, Dahga Bloom might seem a funny fit in this category. But you forget one very important fact: their name. This Fullerton-based band—vocalist/guitarist Bryan King, keyboardist/guitarist/vocalist Lucas Drake, guitarist/vocalist Matt Mason, bassist/vocalist Manny Lopez, violinist/mandolinist/percussionist/vocalist Zach Nelson and drummer Sean Yakubovsky—used to be called the Living Suns, but they decided to change their name after several members had a similar dream about the African god Dahga emerging from a blooming flower and commanding them to change the group's name. Um, yeah.

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Blah Blah Blah

Jesus!!! Is everything about this publication total horseshit?

Instead of sucking a bunch of bands dicks while somehow including half backhanded comments, you should learn something about music and if you think you know something about music, try and culture our absolutely pathetic local music landscape.

I am offended at how narrow and bland the music department at the O.C. Weekly is in recent years. Maybe it's cause most local musicians and music and concert goers are themselves are disillusioned with even looking at your sorry rag for and insight into the local music community because they know that there is nothing to be found there, thus not pushing your writers to actually work and bring newsworthy material to the masses.

In conclusion...... you sound like a bunch of misinformed morons. Hope you do your job better in the coming issues cause you have sincerely lost my attention.