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Best Skate Shop Orange County 2011 - Long Beach Skate

Long Beach Skate

3138 E. Seventh St.

Long Beach, CA 90804


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In its little more than two years, Long Beach Skate has been dishing out solid deals on the latest skateboarding gear. The husband-and-wife team of Tim Scanlan and Carrie White also makes a conscious effort to push beyond mere trade to get directly involved with outreach and advocacy for the Long Beach skating community. In addition to more obvious efforts such as sponsoring skate events, Long Beach Skate works behind-the-scenes with City Council members to build the number and quality of skate havens in the hopes of keeping the local youth active and out of trouble. As icing on the cake, the establishment offers a recycling credit for old boards and wheels. In collaboration with LA Skate, unusable wheels are responsibly disposed of, while those that are moderately worn are placed aside and doled out to broke-ass skaters who can put them to good use. Old boards score you a $2 discount toward purchases and are reborn as canvases for innovative art installations.

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