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Best Reunion Band Orange County 2011 - Middle Class

Their hair was a little shorter—or more there, rather—than before, and their angst was a bit less angsty, but these Santa Ana natives showed the fans at their November reunion show at the Echoplex that they could still rock. In fact, good luck finding a decent YouTube video of the show because everyone filming in the crowd was moshing so hard the videos are too Blair Witch Project-esque. Original band members Jeff Atta, Mike Atta and Mike Patton were onstage with Matt Simon, but the Attas' other brother, Bruce, who now works as a college professor, opted out because he didn't have time. Atta boy! The band still had that Clash-influenced sound and energy that earned them notoriety way back when, and the crowd screamed incessantly through the hit song "Out of Vogue," which they still sing so crazy-fast that it sounds like they're saying "Adam Jones."

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