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Best Reason to Live In Orange County Orange County 2011 - Free Parking Everywhere!

Okay, so you have to pay for parking in the beach cities, as well as in some downtowns (for example, Santa Ana), but it's free to park at the mall. Which mall, you ask? EVERY mall! And you almost never have to pay to park on the street, overnight or for a couple of hours, with or without parking permits. For that reason alone, living in Orange County makes it a commuter's paradise, a total anomaly among the nation's metropolises.

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Steve Martin
Steve Martin

OK, here's an unusual 'best of'.

Best church in Orange County. Why? Because it doesn't revolve around 'the self' and 'what we do'...but instead focuses on Christ and what He has done for us. Giving us new life again, when we'll need it.

Real people. Real love. No phoniness or spiritual ladder - climbing.

I drive 40 minutes there (and back 40 min.) each Sunday from San Clemente. We even have one guy who drives there each week from Burbank.

It's in the Corona del Mar/Newport Beach area:

Go to the sermons tab and click on sermon archives to get a preview of the preaching and teaching.