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Best Radio Station Orange County 2011 - KUSC-FM 91.5

Readers' Choice: KROQ-FM 106.7

It's no newsflash that the arts are being eradicated by corporate-driven commercialism and tabloid sensationalism, and thus, big props go to the only surviving commercial-free classical-music station in Southern California. Of course, it has to be nonprofit and listener-sponsored, and while it's fun to hate on the rich, they're usually the ones who send money and don't eavesdrop for free. Every day at KUSC is filled with enriching, important and life-altering music created by some of the greatest artists in history. Especially grand are the Sunday programs Baroque and Beyond, which reminds us of the gentleness and genius of Bach, and Soul Music, featuring the most moving chorale music ever recorded. It's the only place that would dream of broadcasting two hours of operas written for African-American casts or, as in the show From the Top, feature performances by the youngest, most talented musicians on the planet. Besides all of that, there is truly no sexier female voice on radio than host Kimberlea Daggy. Just. Like. Butta.

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