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Best Place to Spot a Local Power Broker Orange County 2011 - Any Angels Game

Any Angels Game

Any Angels Game

2000 E. Gene Autry Way

Anaheim, CA 92805


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Are you dying to see Orange County's power brokers (and their sycophants) in person? Just go to any Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim game, whip out your binoculars in your crappy, upper-deck seats, and focus on the seats nearest to home plate. You'll see multimillionaire corporate executives, judges, labor-union bosses, FBI agents, nightclub owners, ex-professional athletes, trust-fund babies, Orange County Register columnists, prosecutors and, yes, even high-priced call girls.

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I agree, I recently went to a game with my company, and an executive pointed out that they have several tickets for seats right behind home plate and in what looks like a dugout behind home plate as well. They said he reserves those seats for clients.