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Best Place to Pick Up a One-Night Stand Orange County 2011 - Sutra



1870 Harbor Blvd.

Costa Mesa, CA 92627


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Readers' Choice: Foxfire

So you're looking to pick up some fine young thing for a little action—nothing serious, just a good time. Head over to Sutra, the glitzy club at Triangle Square where you'll find a bevy of pretty party people to choose from. The scene is very image-conscious—there's more silicone at Sutra than a Mattel production plant—and if you're serious about getting laid, prepare to throw around some cash: Money speaks very loudly to this very loud crowd. You and your new friend may not spend the evening discussing Flaubert or Kierkegaard—but you'll probably wake up with a big, fat smile.

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Who wrote this article? Sutra is absolutely TERRIBLE. The only time it was good was 10 years ago when it very first opened. It's NOT glitzy at all and there is definitely not a "Bevy of pretty party people". NO real locals from CM or Newport go to this joke of a club.