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Best Place to Fuel Your Creative Fire Orange County 2011 - Art Supply Warehouse

Art Supply Warehouse

Art Supply Warehouse

6672 Westminster Blvd.

Westminster, CA 92683


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Compared to the sterile, Martha Stewart-esque, holiday-themed aisles of corporate art suppliers, the shelves of Westminster's Art Supply Warehouse are a jungle of natural resources. Frequented by professional studio artists and dedicated hobbyists, Art Supply Warehouse is, essentially, where you'd sidle up to if you intended to get some serious shit done. As intimidating as it may sound for the artistic newbie, the employees there have got your back and strive to assist without judging. As an added bonus, they even know what they're talking about! Experts in every artistic medium traverse the floor, lending a paint-stained hand to anyone in need of navigation. They'll not only steer you through the forest of drafting boards, quills, model kits, sculpting clays, yarns, paints, pens and lumber, but also counsel you on the purchase best suited to your needs. The only thing they don't carry is talent, but with the right equipment, even that can be discovered.

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