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Best New Public Official Orange County 2011 - Bao Nguyen

In the past, we've asked Bao Nguyen for quotes on topics, and he has politely refused. Unlike so many in local politics, Nguyen—one of Orange County's leading progressive activists—prefers accomplishments to accolades and publicity. In June, the 31-year-old UC Irvine graduate, who's a Buddhist and a public-school teacher, was appointed to a position on the Garden Grove Unified School District's board when Dr. KimOanh NguyenLam, another one of our favorites, accepted a job in Washington, D.C. While others with political aspirations might have been socializing at watering holes, Bao quietly volunteered to aid needy elderly citizens in North OC. Hopefully, his new role will be a continuation of what we've seen in the past: a man who is incredibly sensitive to community rights and wrongs and isn't afraid to speak up.

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Bob Tucker
Bob Tucker

I wish Bao was not afraid to speak up for gay civil rights in schools. Despite repeated requests, he refuses to support the FAIR Education Act, the new law which requires the teaching of the gay civil rights struggle in school social studies . He publicly commented at a recent board meeting that students are bullied for their "uniqueness."I don't think 13 year old student Seth Walsh committed suicide for being bullied for his "uniquenes" , It was because he was a gay student.When I asked Bao before a recent School Board meeting in Garden Grove why he won't say the word "gay" openly at school board meetings, he said he was afraid he won't get votes next year. So, if you had a category that was for the newest homophobic politician in OC, he would definitely get my vote.