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Best Idea Lawyer Orange County 2011 - John D. Tran

Irvine-based lawyer John D. Tran can rightly claim a national reputation as an expert in patent law and we're not about to challenge that notion. Tran is a gifted attorney who can turn an inventor's gibberish into a potentially profitable, legally protected idea. Take, for example, the work he did for Victor Jasniy. Tran got this humdinger of a sentence approved for patent protection by federal officials: "A storage system generally comprising of one or more storage containers which form an array of storage containers for storing items and which include at least four edges." You think that's good—a couple of years ago, he got a patent for the inventor of a nicotine-loaded toothpick.

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This guy is not on time and can't keep promises. I won't hire him again.

Marlin sayle
Marlin sayle

He's an amazing man! A lawyer who possesses both patent prosecution and patent trial experience and not only that he also devotes his time to numerous pro-bono activities. He devotes his time to his profession and deserved the award.