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Best Fountain Orange County 2011 - Spray Pool at Lemon Park

Spray Pool at Lemon Park

Spray Pool at Lemon Park

701 S. Lemon St.

Fullerton, CA 92832


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Lemon Park deserves a visit even if you're not looking for watery relief, given the many historic Chicano murals in its immediate vicinity and fierce hoops games in which Korean church kids battle cholos, with the only violence being a well-timed charge. But from June through September, the Spray Pool delights kiddies and adults alike with randomly timed geysers of varying strength and length. Some emit from the ground, others from a weirdly shaped sphere in the center, and yet more mist with no end. The rest of the year, it stands as its own piece of Pop Art, although kids are known to shake the sphere in a vain attempt to bring back the summer, even if just for a squirt.

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Thank you very much for sharing this, I think that a fountain in the back yard would feel very refreshing during hot times.

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