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Best Fish and Chips Orange County 2011 - Muldoon's Irish Pub

Muldoon\'s Irish Pub

Muldoon's Irish Pub

202 Newport Center Drive

Newport Beach, CA 92660


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You can eat fish and chips at Muldoon's the way they need to be eaten: chased by a creamy-headed glass of Guinness. The pairing of fried cod and stout is as natural as cheese and wine. You have three venues within Muldoon's from which to choose your poison: as a proper meal at the restaurant itself; as a measly half-portion during happy hour; or, best of all, as an all-you-can-eat, fish-and-chip feast on Wednesday nights. Muldoon's may be the only pub in OC that has enough confidence in its fish and chips to do it. It's already well-regarded for its gnarled, brown-battered knobs of cod whose crunchy cocoons may involve some sort of beer. And if there's something better for fried fish than Guinness, it's unlimited portions of it for the remorseless eating machines in all of us. $$

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