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Best DJ Orange County 2011 - DJ Michelle

Readers' Choice: DJ Oldboy

Santa Ana's Michelle Reyes doesn't take to the ones and twos to pad her pocketbook nor to gain name recognition. DJ Michelle carefully crafts sets reflective of her city's multiple musical layers, spinning everything from Los Tigres del Norte to Rage Against the Machine, Black Sabbath and Morrissey to Chico Che y La Crisis. She honed her eclecticism while working for more than four years at downtown Santa Ana's Proof bar, even hosting once-a-month Subterraneo nights of quinceañera-themed music until ending her tenure there this year. It's in that deeper underground realm where she loves offering her services and derives the most joy from carving an identity as a community DJ. Whether it's self-organized shows by SolArt, fund-raisers for groups such as Orange County DREAM Team and DeColores, art-exhibit openings for Calacas, events at El Centro Cultural de Mexico or the annual Grrl Fair festival, DJ Michelle keeps the beat of the movement going.

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DJ Michelle! It's all about DJ Michelle, DJ Virtigo, and Alex Guillén. Santa Ana through and through!

Steve Rendon
Steve Rendon

Congrats, DJ Sleazy Steve here. Lots of great DJ's here in Orange County.