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Best Charity Orange County 2011 - Age Well Senior Services

Age Well Senior Services

Age Well Senior Services

24300 El Toro Road

Laguna Woods, CA 92637


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For more than 30 years, Laguna Woods-based Age Well Senior Services has lovingly provided assistance—meals on wheels, health services and social events—for our needy elderly citizens. How many people benefit? Last year alone, the nonprofit aided 63,000 seniors. Since 2008, it has delivered almost 900,000 meals. Shelli Mire, who helps deliver the meals, says the recipients, who are often alone, "just light up" when they get visits. We also like that this 501(c)3 charity—it's not government—frequently arranges for local middle-school students to help. That's a win-win situation. The elderly get some companionship, and the kids get an important life lesson.

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San Diego Senior Services
San Diego Senior Services

Sad to hear such as this. As we all know, our elders' days are numbered even if we don't want that to happen. So the mere fact that their services, benefits and opportunities to avail these are cut down would be a bad thing to hear about. For them to have the respect and enjoy life to the fullest, we must give what is really due to them as the our government law dictates. With this meals on wheels, it would be a great treat for our elders.