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Best Burrito Orange County 2011 - El Toro Bravo

El Toro Bravo

El Toro Bravo

739 W. 19th St.

Costa Mesa, CA 92627


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Readers' Choice: Chipotle

Costa Mesa's own tortilla factory and taquería griddles carne asada alongside long-cooked slivers of caramelized onion. Loaded into a flour tortilla with flavorful refried beans and Mexican rice to make a burrito the size of your forearm, it mates perfectly with the house-made salsa roja or salsa fresca. Want a reduced-carb burrito that won't take two meals to finish? Ask for it "puro carne," or just meat, and it's still a gut-buster of bovine delight at the bargain price of $5.99. But the point is not in its heft, but in the depth of flavors in the meats: the oniony carne asada, the perfectly rotisseried chicken flavored with achiote-scented adobo seasoning, and the tender, moist style of pork carnitas fried in its own, toasty lard in giant metal cazos in the kitchen. It has the elements that Chipotle's quick-serve burritos lack: rich flavors in every component and a fiercely proud Mexican soul. $

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Good call. I've eaten here for years. (I even had them cater my daughter's high school grad party.)