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Best Beach for a Late-Night Bonfire Orange County 2011 - Corona Del Mar State Beach

Corona Del Mar State Beach

Corona Del Mar State Beach

3100 Ocean Blvd.

Newport Beach, CA 92625


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Since lighting bonfires is prohibited at most beaches, Corona del Mar's gorgeous horizon and fire pits are a nighttime blessing. During the day, the beach is home to beautiful tidepools and picturesque landscapes. By night, the beach transforms into the ideal place for a college beach party. If keggers aren't your thing, head for the coast during a weekday for a quieter firelit evening on the cool sand—just check tide reports before you head out.

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Darius Cartmell
Darius Cartmell

I never knew there are beaches that don't allow bonfires to be lit at night. Well, they must be few and very rare. In any case, I believe we must be responsible of the things we bring to the beach. Leftover food and pieces of trash should be disposed properly. Let's leave the beach clean and free of rubbish.