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Best Bar/Club Night Orange County 2011 - Mr. Mister Miyagi at Alex's Bar

Mr. Mister Miyagi at Alex\'s Bar

Mr. Mister Miyagi at Alex's Bar

2913 E. Anaheim St.

Long Beach, CA 90804


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On the first Saturday of every month, punk-rock bar Alex's travels back to the '80s and turns into the most bitchen, totally awesome party in town. Loud music, dancing and stiff drinks are aplenty, but no DJ is necessary here—this 21-and-over club night goes straight to rock and pop with live music from Mr. Mister Miyagi, a full-scale band with a catalog of hundreds of songs for your karaoke pleasure. Imagine a thousand of your closest friends getting down to that scrawny white kid bellowing some awesome Michael Jackson—this is what Saturday nights were always meant to be. A mere $5 gets you in.

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Dane Madsen
Dane Madsen

Mr.Mister Miyagi is a live 80s karaoke band. There aren't many bands like it. No recordings, no click-track (dummers know what that means)... just 5 guys doing their best to remember the chords to about 130 songs so that anyone in the bar can get on stage and sing with a live band. Lyrics are provided via LCD however there is no bouncing ball to follow (singers need to generally know how the song goes) and the band can cue singers when to come in upon request or as needed. If singers get way off, the band adjusts to the singers place in the song. Think 80's American Idol with alcohol. Very good times.