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Best Band n Costume Orange County 2011 - Death Hymn Number 9

The white face paint, scare tactics and spattering of goat's blood might lead you to believe Death Hymn Number 9 have nothing to live for, but playing up their unearthly gimmick to the hilt works. Their music might be run-of-the-mill thrash/garage rock without the zombies-as-musicians tag, but still, they've earned the right to their own mythology (it involved "pussy ass" Marvin Gaye leaving their asses to die when attacked by zombies in the 1960s) and a specialized term for their genre: "gospel/power/violence." Their latest, Smokestack Frightening, resurrects a medium everyone has been calling dead for years (it's actually undead)—it's only on vinyl.

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My Baby Jesus
My Baby Jesus

one of the most dog shit write up i have ever wasted my time reading about a good band.