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Best Way to Surf Guilt-Free Orange County 2010 - On a Clone Surfboard from

On a Clone Surfboard from

1018 E. Chesnut Ave.

Santa Ana, CA 92701


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In his Santa Ana workshop, Jim Mizell creates green surfboards. Not green in color—although you could probably get one that shade if you insisted—but rather eco-friendly. Mizell strives to educate surfers about respecting the planet as they do the waves. They can do this by riding on one of his boards, which have been made through a commitment to significantly reducing CFCs and related nasty byproducts of the manufacturing process. uses only Occupational Safety and Health Administration-approved foam. Due to Mizell's Clone manufacturing process, he has eliminated shaping and sanding. And he makes no boasts of having it all figured out, meeting continually with chemists to come up with even-better ways to reduce and eventually eliminate all CFCs from his manufacturing process. Besides surfboards, Mizell makes unique, board-shaped chairs for your office or patio. Are they made with the same care for the environment? Did you really have to ask?

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