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Best Venue for Unintentional Live Comedy Orange County 2010 - Costa Mesa City Council Chambers

Costa Mesa City Council Chambers

Costa Mesa City Council Chambers

77 Fair Drive

Costa Mesa, CA 92626


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The yuks never stop the nights the Costa Mesa City Council gavels itself to order. First, you've got the intolerant gadflies in the crowd itching to spread the fear of a brown planet, pinning every crime, pothole and tumbleweed in town on those goddamn Mexicans. Card-carrying goosesteppers have even infiltrated the group. Next, you've got the intolerant anti-intolerants, defending anyone unfortunate enough to be without a card of green and branding anyone who disagrees with them racist, which really pisses off the racists off because one thing racists can't stand is being called racist. Finally, there is the City Council itself, led by Mayor Allen Mansoor, the son of immigrants who loves nothing more than making life hell for immigrants. Somebody's got daddy issues, no? Honestly, someone should make a reality show out of these meetings. The Real Dickwads of Orange County, anyone? While it's true "Rule of Law" Mansoor may be headed to Sacra-skid-row, the thing about Costa Mesa is when you cut one head off the hydra, two more pop up in its place. Of course, the Mansoorians say the same thing about those goddamn Mexicans.

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