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Best Satanic-Toddler Outfitter Orange County 2010 - Lil Devils Boutique

Lil Devils Boutique

Lil Devils Boutique

2218 E. Fourth St.

Long Beach, CA 90814


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Despite the untimely death of well-loved owner Pete Toulios earlier this year, one of Long Beach's favorite boutiques remains open for business. If you're looking for rock & roll gear for your 3-year-old—take your pick from the Sublime, Kiss and Grateful Dead onesies (these will set you back around $20 or so) or the Bob Marley "One Love" T-shirts (also about $20)—this is the place for you. There's a large collection of devil-themed bric-a-brac, including rubber ducks, and some decidedly non-satanic vintage-era toys and retro clothing for those leery of paying sartorial homage to Beelzebub. About the size of a barbershop, the storefront is conveniently located next to a pair of über-hip Vintage Row clothiers for mom and dad. The eclectic selection will keep your toddler looking cool all year. You fucking hipster.

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