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Best Rock Radio Station Orange County 2010 - FM94/9

KROQ's mainstream-tested testosterone rock cut with Pitchfork-approved indie, all arranged so as to keep the tempo swinging but not cloying: Why the hell isn't anyone else trying this formula? Sure, FM94/9 is based in San Diego, so it reaches only South County. And sure, it's commercially owned, so its promos are just as obnoxious and exTREEEEEME!-sounding as any other FM rock station. But all that really matters is its lineup features plenty more hits than misses. KCRW's Valium rock may have more cred, but FM94/9 has an answer: The somnolent-but-hip Big Sonic Chill hours, which, smartly, are late at night—unlike the other station's drive-time anti-caffeine.

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Yeah, that Andy guy has potential and he can be very funny, especially when he teams up with his friend.

Tim Pyles
Tim Pyles

Thanks for the support OC! Check out The Local 94/9 Every Sunday night, showcasing local talent! It airs 8 to 10pm every Sunday on FM94/9!