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Best Quote That Gets It Bassackwards Orange County 2010 - Judge Marc Kelly

Explaining in March that defendant Stephen Robert Deck's status as a lieutenant in the California Highway Patrol should lead to a lighter sentence, Judge Marc Kelly said, "That ought to count for something."

Deck's crime? Trying to molest a little girl in Laguna Beach during a police-decoy operation. Kelly refused to send Deck to prison.
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I used to know Deck. He needs to be sent to jail. He will continue to use the state money for courts, and I don't dought he will continue to suex the CHP for more money due to his "back, neck" and all the other problems he has because of his job. He will get all he can, he knows the system. Judges, stop being nice just because they are cops. Look at all the sex offending Cops being sentenced today. Deck is just another sex offender that needs to serve his time.