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Best Prosecutor Orange County 2010 - Matt Murphy

Tall and charming, sharp-witted and tireless, veteran homicide prosecutor Matt Murphy has successfully handled so many of OC's most high-profile murder cases that he's probably worthy of his own television mini-series. In recent years, he has sent to Death Row Power Rangers actor Skylar Deleon (and co-conspirators) for tying a retired couple to their boat anchor and tossing them overboard into the depths of the Pacific Ocean in order to steal their yacht. Bi-coastal serial killer/rapist Rodney Alcala chose to represent himself against Murphy—and lost. It's not surprising that all of the major television-network news shows are preparing to attend Murphy's next big trial: the cold-case murder mystery of a wealthy Newport Beach/Las Vegas man. One of the accused killers is a former NFL linebacker, but he's never knocked heads with someone as tough as Murphy.

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Hey there Mr. OC watch're right about the OC watching out, because Matt Murphy is nothing but a good surfer...and a total nightmare for anyone accussed of comminting a crime.  The man is a kidnapper and a con man who does nothing but "rise" through the ranks as you say...the problem is, how does the rat rise through the ranks?  HE does so by digging up cold cases and solves them through lies and other fake evidence...but not to worry good people of the OC, most of the people my criminal brother frames are all probably guilty anyway....

Probably guilty....

And if you accept that, I hear Hitler has a plan to solve some sort of problem someone somewhere has caused which surely affects you in some way.

And having lost myself emostionally in the moment...let me please apoligize to Hitlers ghost out there somewhere...

OC WathOut
OC WathOut

Matt Murphy is a talented, skilled, and thoughtful leader whom I hope is considering all his options in rising through the ranks, either as District Attorney one day, or any other public office. He is absolutely a stellar performer!

And, I understand he is also a real fine surfer!