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Best Police Department Orange County 2010 - Irvine Police Department

Irvine Police Department

1 Civic Center Drive

Irvine, CA 92606


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Let's face it: You don't get more Mayberry RFD than Irvine, Orange County's safest city. Some days, the worst crime that occurs is a bunch of kids exploding water bottles at a local outdoor mall. But lurking in those fabulously tranquil neighborhoods are the occasional crazy sensational crimes—a samurai-sword-wielding killer in a grocery store, Egyptian child slavery, an evil-twin murder plot, international white supremacists harboring bio-hazardous material tied to an alleged South African/CIA operation. The good news for locals is that Police Chief David Maggard has a crew of decent detectives, and hey, they manage to actually solve crimes without spending millions of dollars annually on expensive hardware.

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