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Best Place to Knock the Rust Off Your Defender Game Orange County 2010 - Nickel! Nickel!

Nickel! Nickel!

Nickel! Nickel!

7454 Edinger Ave.

Huntington Beach, CA 92647


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The superlative punctuation is its own, but it deserves it. For an entrance fee of $1.95, a player gets access to 7,000 square feet of pure gaming joy. (Bring 10 or more people with you, and the price gets zapped down to $1.25 per person. That's at least a few rounds of air hockey.) Pizza, prizes and Pac-Man: pretty much everything you need to take you back to the days when Nintendo's Power Glove promised to change gaming . . . forever! Nickel! Nickel! has about 180 games, spanning all decades of arcade play, most ranging in price from one to four nickels (newer and fancier ones can cost up to nine). Street Fighter to Soul Caliber—and the latest Dance Dance Revolution to get you moving. Who said gamers were lazy? Play the free games that line the walls, and you won't have to spend a nickel more: Defender! Asteroids! Arkanoid! When you've developed blisters on your fingers from too much button-mashing, head over to the ticket games to wheel in some prizes. Sure, you could have bought that stuffed animal for less at the swap meet, but getting it like this is way more fun.

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