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Best Park for Kids Orange County 2010 - Mother's Beach Playground

Mother's Beach Playground

E. Appian Way and Second St.

Long Beach, CA 90803

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Thanks to the Port of Long Beach, which has to donate $9 million per year to the city to offset all that crap it puts in the air, this playground, just across the water from Seal Beach, has been transformed into an urban playground that wouldn't be out of place in Paris or Boston—except for the palm trees and speedboats racing by in the city's rectangular-shaped water-sports park, Marine Stadium, just yards away. The brand-new, state-of-the-art climbing equipment includes elaborate rope-and-ladder rigs, sophisticated sandbox-digging tools and even a faux-rock wall—not the kind with little colored steps on it, but an actual phony rock kids can climb on and jump off. Combine a trip to the park with a ride on a rented two-seater kayak with you, and you've just made your kid's day.
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