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Best Not-So-Cheap Thrill Orange County 2010 - Adventures at Sea

Adventures at Sea

Adventures at Sea

3101 W. Coast Highway

Newport Beach, CA 92663


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Haven't you always wanted to have an adventure at sea? Not a real adventure—the kind involving big waves crashing onto your head, capsizing, being surrounded by man-eating sharks—but the kind in which you wear nice clothes and drink fine wine while some guy in a pretend naval outfit does the actual sailing? Do you also have a ton of cash on hand? Then might we recommend you consider chartering a Newport Beach yacht for a private party? Adventures at Sea, a Hornblower Co., can offer you a wide selection of yachts moored at Newport Beach, Marina Del Rey and Long Beach ports that are available for weddings, holiday parties, bar mitzvahs and, our personal favorite, the Sweetheart Cruise. That last one includes a red-carpet gangway, a three-course dinner cooked by a private chef and served on a candle-lit table garnished with pretty flowers, and, most important, all the "free-flowing" champagne and booze you can drink. All this for just $1,350 per couple, which is a bargain at half the price! But hey, who says romance is cheap, captain?

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