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Best Live Band Orange County 2010 - The Colourist

Readers' Choice: FLashback Heart Attack

My, how time flies. Last year, we named the Colourist best new band. This year? Well, as we've seen them more times than we can count on our fingers, we'd say they're the stealthy crowd-drawing band of the year. No, there are no flashy pyrotechnics, incredible stage contortions or crazy Lady Gaga costumes when they go onstage. All guitarist Adam Castilla, bassist Kollin Johannsen, keyboardist Justin Wagner and drummer Maya Tuttle have to draw your attention are catchy, guitar-strumming dance/pop songs and a charismatic stage presence (that drummer is so incredibly cute!). This makes for a very pleasant live show—one you don't mind experiencing again and again.

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Bonnie Bohart
Bonnie Bohart

They definitly have an incredibly cute drummer,but individually they ALL are incredibly cute , talented and NICE. Collectively they are hillarious on and off stage so there shows are entertaining from set up through breakdown after the show. Their music is timeless so anybody can enjoy it. The kids in this band will be succesful no matter who they play with and woud fit into just about any genre of music. Good luck to them...when watching them play makes you smile no matter who you cane to hear I'm sure they will be around for a long time!